December Edition of JensenBeachTV: Episode #5

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We’d like to thank all our sponsors, volunteers, and especially all those who attended for helping us make this year’s Pineapple Festival a success!

December 2013 Calendar of Events Brought to you by:

Business After Hours Mix & Mingle – RSVP NOW!
Tuesday, Dec. 10 (5:30-7pm)
Courtyard by Marriott, 10978 South Ocean Drive, Hutchinson Island
$5 with RSVP, $10 at door

Taste of Jensen – Click Here To Get Your Tickets!
Tuesday, December 17, 2013 (5:30pm – 8pm)
Downtown Jensen Beach
Tickets available at the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce, Seacoast National Bank branches (Jensen Beach and Hutchinson Island) and online HERE.

Business Luncheon – RSVP NOW!
Thursday, Dec. 19 (11:45am–1pm) $20
Wahoo’s Riverhouse, 915 NW Flagler Ave. Stuart (Harborage Yacht Club)
Teacher & Student of the Month from Jensen Beach Elementary School

Click here to watch the previous episode

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